Inspirerende video's

Building a psychologically safe workplace

Amy Edmondson: building psychological safety in the workplace is important because NO-ONE goes to work in the morning eager to look ignorant, incompetent, intrusive or negative. Yet, you do need everybody’s voice to learn, innovate and grow.

Tell your boss what motivates you

Dan Pink: Science shows that 3 factors lead to better performance and personal satisfaction in organisations: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.

Where good ideas come from

Steven Johnson: connectivity strongly supports innovation.

How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek: telling others what you do or even how you do, will not inspire them. If you tell them why you are doing it, you have a far better chance to make a connection.

Six blind men and the elephant

The famous parable about the importance of acknowledging that there will always be different perspectives.

“Het et-cetera principe, een nieuw perspectief op organisatieontwikkeling.”

Online webinar met een inleiding van Thijs Homan over zijn nieuwe boek ‘Het et-cetera principe’.

‘Percept language’

Lecture from John Weir on ‘Percept Language’: everybody lives in their own world of perceptions (link to the site of the Future Search Network; move down to the fourth video for the lecture by John Weir).

Japanese children go rafting,

But there’s a problem… And then it takes courage to challenge the teacher. And courage from the teacher…

Introduction to Dynamic Governance / Sociocracy

Introducing governance that doesn’t allow for centralization of power. It’s a better way to run our businesses, schools, governments, and even our families.

Crowdsourcing of opinions via Synthetron