Inspirerende video's

Tell your boss what motivates you

Dan Pink: Science shows that 3 factors lead to better performance and personal satisfaction in organisations: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.

Where good ideas come from

Steven Johnson: connectivity strongly supports innovation.

How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek: telling others what you do or even how you do, will not inspire them. If you tell them why you are doing it, you have a far better chance to make a connection.

Six blind men and the elephant

The famous parable about the importance of acknowledging that there will always be different perspectives.

“Het et-cetera principe, een nieuw perspectief op organisatieontwikkeling.”

Online webinar met een inleiding van Thijs Homan over zijn nieuwe boek ‘Het et-cetera principe’.

‘Percept language’

Lecture from John Weir on ‘Percept Language’: everybody lives in their own world of perceptions (link to the site of the Future Search Network; move down to the fourth video for the lecture by John Weir).

Japanese children go rafting,

But there’s a problem… And then it takes courage to challenge the teacher. And courage from the teacher…

Introduction to Dynamic Governance / Sociocracy

Introducing governance that doesn’t allow for centralization of power. It’s a better way to run our businesses, schools, governments, and even our families.

Crowdsourcing of opinions via Synthetron